Homeopathy and the German Sea Captain

The German Sea Captain with Parkinsons

A patient died a few months ago, always a sad occasion. However, Captain “Hans” had a good innings. 94 years of age.

During World War II he was given command of laying mines across the English Channel. After the war he assisted the Allies in the location and retrieval of said mines. Liked the English a lot.

Until I found a Classical Homeopathist, childhood and adolescence were fraught with suffering. Not being very saintly, my inspirations were WWII commandos and Douglas Bader types, and I was definitely tuned into the “Don’t mention the war” episode of Fawlty Towers, the one not sold to German Television.

Yet it was an extraordinary medical science, developed by a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann,that saved my life, gave me my first experience with good health, and allowed me to eventually assist so many other people, otherwise considered incurable. Hahnemann inspired most major developments in orthodox medicine, such as genetics, immunology, neurology, psychosomatics, etc., and was the true genius of the 2nd millennium.

So when Captain Hans’ daughter called me to assist him two years ago, I responded with gratitude.

This strong, amazingly fit man was experiencing fine tremors, and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Could I do anything? I said I would try, that I was hopeful, because of his good health, careful lifestyle, and because he had declined orthodox medicine. Our remedies are most effective on a “clear field.”  

Within two months of treatment the tremors had ceased completely and he was asymptomatic for his remaining years.

I have many such cases in my files, of cases considered “incurable,” that quickly responded to Homeopathic therapies.

It helped that he had led a clean, active life, adhered to a nourishing, healthy diet, no bad habits, and had a sturdy constitution.

That certainly contributed to the rapidity of his recovery.

It is tragic, however, that medicine/pharmatech has relocated to the “Island of Dr. Moreau” in a desperate, futile attempt to create an expensive treatment for a disease they do not understand. They do understand, however, that Western Governments will pick up the tab for the research and treatment and the population will look away when the little frozen human embryos are tossed into the garbage or dissolved in acid, to destroy evidence of the sick and ghastly experiments presently conducted in the name of science.



Homeopathy and science vs maggots and leeches

(copyright 2008 D McNamara)


Deirdre McNamara, Doctor of Homeopathy

A writer for Alive recently described Homeopathy as “Magical thinking” and therefore out of bounds for Catholics.  I guess she knew better than Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Theological proscriptions are best left to Benedict XVI.  Homeopathic medicine is the only Western system 100% consistent with the magisterium of the Church. Developed in 1792, sci-tech

began to catch up in the late twentieth century, plundering our knowledge and systems without any real results, their labs littered with tortured animals and little embryos, poor little human babies murdered in vitro or in vivo.

Homeopathy has already proven its ability to cure the incurable; to treat antibiotic resistant disease; to eliminate viral load in Hep C patients, and to facilitate human reproduction without invasive and ignominious procedures where other systems have failed.  We have outshone allopathy consistently and statistically, becoming a threat to Big Pharma with its emphasis on “maintenance” Medicine.  We deserve equal time and funding to re-establish Homeopathy’s curative properties.  They are already proven.

Personally I’m getting fed up of MDs altering their “untreatable/inoperable” diagnoses after a patient returns with “mysterious remission”  following consultation with a Homeopathist.  Here’s another clarification; those “mysterious remissions” are often due to homeopathic intervention.  It is sad that trust between patient and physician is at such a low ebb that patients believe it necessary to conceal their visits to Homeopathists.  However 64% of UK GPs refer chronic patients to Homeopaths, so, unmolested by big Pharma, allopaths and homeopaths can work symbiotically to elevate patient care while simultaneously lowering costs.

“Mammon” in the form of the Pharmaceutical industry spent millions trying to close us down, but as the wise rabbi Gamaliel declared, “if it is from God it will endure.”  We endured, and rebounded strongly in the seventies and eighties, leading a forty billion dollar industry in gentle, natural adjuncts and forcing a revolution in orthodox medical strategies. Observing this, Pharmatech controlled allopathy hijacked two centuries of Homeopathic research into nutritional and environmental factors in disease, and finally listened to our warnings regarding over-prescribing and antibiotic resistant bacteria.  Too bad they didn’t consult us regarding the use of animal proteins in the feeding of herbivores!

Enter Big Pharma again, with a different strategy:  instead of outright suppression, they invested heavily in confusing the public.  Diabolical!

Before, our patients were well informed.  Now many arrive completely ill informed with confused expectations, and requiring education.  In NYC many arrive angry and defensive after dealing with NY’s aggressive, patient-hostile system.   Educating each patient can be wearying and time consuming.

Back to science.

In 1790 surgeons walked around in blood encrusted clothes; the filthier the clothes, the more distinguished the surgeon.  This meant a high mortality rate for patients, particularly mothers.  The hot tar poured on amputated stumps generally killed all bacteria, and men could use rum and whiskey to get them through systemic infections – not an option for women in childbirth! Some survived prescribed maggots and leeches.  Women, however, had to get through childbirth using barbaric methods of delivery and died at an extraordinary rate from something called puerperal fever transmitted by surgeons to their patients.  Suffering was so acute that many rejected their babies or couldn’t nurse.

Then came Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a physician and pharmacist. In 1792 a friend was seriously ill with malaria.  He mind noted the similarity of his buddy’s symptoms to the symptoms created by the ingestion of excessive quantities of quinine.

Quinine is also known as Cinchona bark, named for the Countess of Cinchon, Peru who gave it to Jesuit Missionaries who brought it to Europe. It was given to her by a surgeon better known as St. Martin de Porres. Hahnemann referred to Homeopathy as “Gift of a Gracious God.”

Dr. Hahnemann administered Cinchona to his friend who recovered rapidly. Quinine became the standard treatment for Malaria.

Hahnemann and associates set about creating the most comprehensive, best researched medical system of all time.  So far ahead of the science of his day, it has taken 200 years for science and technology to prove the presence of energy fields in the micro-diluted remedies.  Being a “prophetic” scientist, Hahnemann had to work with the limited language of 18th century science.  He led, anticipated and inspired immunology, psychosomatics, the understanding and treatment of mental illness asepsis, environmental and nutritional sciences, and still leads.

Homeopathic medicine has yet to be surpassed, and our remedies have held up for two centuries, yet we are denied resources to systemize our discoveries and document the recoveries of patients diagnosed with incurable disease. When medicine was doctor driven, homeopaths and allopaths enjoyed a collegial rivalry, uniting for optimum service to patient.  NY Life Insurance even gave our patients a discount.  Longer lives, fewer health problems and complications.

Tragically, Homeopathy could probably cut medical costs by 50% with a tenfold improvement in patient care but billions have been poured into orthodoxy, resulting in BSE, MRSA/HIV, etc., and multiple recalls of prescription medicine pushed on the public with falsified research, and a return to leeches and maggots.

Food in NY now has the same slimy taste; this due to the presence of “modified” corn syrup, probably Monsanto’s monopolist variety.  Their lawsuits against America’s farmers has destroyed the indigenous corn supply and the use of the ubiquitous filler, absence of nutrition based flavor heavily disguised with another disgusting product, “chili oil” has led to a nation of obese diabetics who suffer immensely trying one diet after another to lose weight, because their bodies cannot process the genetically modified high “fructose” corn syrup while the well-to-do create a genetically superior sub species with specialty high price foods imported from Europe, Canada, etc.  By the way, Mexico still has over four hundred varieties of corn.  Track the Monsanto jet going south.

Then there’s ethanol.  Anyone smell a rat when Government starts pretending it’s ecologically concerned?  That deal with Brazil will benefit developers as rain-forests are destroyed in order to create fields and clearings for the genetically modified crops.

Then, “science” is now corrupting another species: the safflower – splicing in human genes to create insulin.  It sounds so nice and innocent, but if they weren’t poisoning people with GM corn syrup they wouldn’t need the insulin in the first and second place.  It starts out with human insulin, but God knows where these “Dr. Moreaus” intend to take it.  Look at the discarded human embryos, murdered in the name of Science.  How can these hateful people take human life with such impunity.  If they can do that to babies, how do you think they’ll treat the rest of us?

As Minister for Trade and Enterprise, Ireland’s present Minister for Health brought in representatives of Biotech without any explanation as to research, products, etc.  Isn’t time we started asking serious questions, requiring detailed and specific answers.

Posthumous Papal honors for Dr. Hahnemann would begin to address two centuries of injustice to the devout genius of the second millennium.


To Renewal in the New Year

Wishing America and the World Renewed Hope, a Regenerated Economy, and a Resurgence in Energy and our Judeo Christian identity!

May Truth, Justice and Liberty win out this year, especially Truth, because without it we cannot be ‘set free’ from tyranny – actual and impending!

God bless and protect our military and their families.  God bless and protect our elderly, our  sweet, tiny, developing pre nates (‘unborn’) God bless our entrepreneurs, our farmers, our providers, our families, our singles, our students and unite us in one noble purpose – the preservation of Liberty, Prosperity, Dignity and Justice for all.

Have a great celebration!  Ladybard!

Women of Grace – Not Welcome!

(Women of Grace – Welcome!.)

And it’s also why the Pontifical document, Jesus Christ, the Bearer of the Water of Life lists rolfing among many practices connected with the New Age: ”Advertising connected with New Age covers a wide range of practices as acupuncture, biofeedback, chiropractics, kinesiology, homeopathy, iridology, massage and various kinds of ‘bodywork’ (such as orgonomy, Feldenkrais, reflexology, Rolfing, polarity massage, therapeutic touch, etc.), meditation and visualization, nutritional therapies, psychic healing, various kinds of herbal medicine, healing by crystals, metals, music or colors, reincarnation therapies and, finally, twelve-step programs and self-help groups. The source of healing is said to be within ourselves, something we reach when we are in touch with our inner energy or cosmic energy.”

This is a lie and we know who is the “liar and father of lies.” “Women of Grace” blogger Benkovich is beyond her “pay grade” and out of her depth here. One can only wonder about her motivations, and the motivations of her backers, some of whom are connected with the pharmaceutical industry. It is a grave injustice to exploit those who are naive and impose this level of superstition on those who would benefit by “The Gift of a Gracious God.” (Homeopathy) I could dismantle her arguments on Rolfing, etc., (though I rarely recommend Rolfing, it does have a place) and so on. She has no background in science or medicine or alternative healing therapies inspired by the merciful Lord, and will be accountable for the suffering of those she frightens, spiritually blackmails and otherwise intimidates out of seeking appropriate, validated alternative treatments. In the fiasco of Ireland’s current medical services, effective alternatives to “conmed” are needed now, more than ever.

Talk about capitalising on people’s fears.


Teens who consume diets high in fructose at increased cardiovascular risk – Yahoo! News

Teens who consume diets high in fructose at increased cardiovascular risk – Yahoo! News.

Well, there’s a surprise, friends!


That cussed high fructose has insinuated itself into so many food groups, particularly carbos like bread and cereal, and I’m going to start reading the contents in pasta.  It’s also found in “Organic” products, where one would assume the highly concentrated sugar is not GM.

Or is that assumption fair to the consumer?

Mention high fructose to a lady in a weight reduction program and she’ll start berating herself for eating too much.

Keep convincing the “peoples” (pips) it’s their  fault while pumping garbage into basic, essential foods.  Note, concentrated high fructose corn syrup can run a car.

Our metabolisms don’t run at 30,000 revs per minute.  We’re kind of slower, and it’s taken millennia for the human body to adapt to present conditions, along with the foods that have shared the various insults and delights of climatic adjustment, etc.  Not only has natural fructose been corrupted by “intensifying care,” it is now genetically unfamiliar.  Our bodies cannot recognise it.

So what happens to the corn syrup; the high fructose; the whatever chemobabble experts describe it?  Where does it go?

That’s rhetorical, friends, and if you can’t answer it yourself,  here’s a hint – Google “percentage increase in obesity levels.”  Now you’ve got it!

While our food is being stretched with unassimilable junk, our bodies are simultaneously deprived of the nutritive elements displaced by the high fructose.


The tongue tastes the wheat, the sweet, the milk, the processed meat, etc., and gives a great sigh of relief and satisfaction…”not too long now and the good stuff will be reaching the bloodstream, brain and bones.”

But the “good stuff” AIN’T THERE!

The “good stuff” has been replaced by the concentrated fat generators.

Light bulb gone on yet?

An hour later, the cellular intelligence feels thwarted, cheated – it hasn’t been fed!

The sudden sugar high leads to the rebound effect – and the body feels woozy, hungry, and even desperate for more food.

And the celery stick isn’t doing it.  Celery sticks are mostly cellulose and water.

All around are food images – newspapers, TV, internet ads, the chap at the next desk over, ploughing into a BBQ onion smothered burger, the chocolate eclairs parked next to the bread aisle – in fact, less dangerous than most commercially prepared breads.

Monsanto stocks must be through the roof!

But not on my conscience. First do no harm applies to all therapeutic protocols.

Plain, simple foods are more expensive than processed junk.  Cheaper in the long run, tastier and more satisfying.

From what I’ve read of Government farm subsidy policies, smacks of genocide to me, genocide of the poorer populations, or at least a dumbing down, transformation of the immense human potential into a thuggish, self serving entity.

Foods plain and simple.  And as organic as you can afford – but still read the labels.  If you can’t understand the terminology, don’t buy it.  High fructose corn syrup has more aliases than a CIA operative in witness protection!

Caveat – there will be an additional expense – a new wardrobe a few sizes down.  Eating Healthy brings weight down gradually, without trauma to organ or tissue, no foul body odor, and with no risk of  flip flops.

Now for a dish of brown rice, finely chopped broccoli, organic chicken and fresh fruit.

To your Good Health.


Survey Results: Are Unvaccinated Children Healthier? — The Healthy Home Economist

Survey Results: Are Unvaccinated Children Healthier? — The Healthy Home Economist.


This is a must read!

Alzheimers and B12 deficiency

Some facts:

1. Absorption of B12 diminishes with age.

2. Alcohol diminishes absorption of B12 and precipitates its elimination.

3. B12 deficiency is associated with short term memory loss, aka ‘Korsakov’s Syndrome,’ ascending paralysis/paresis and other neurological symptoms.

4. Tests on the efficacy of B12 to diminish or cure “Alzheimers” were conducted using oral supplements.

5. To the best of my knowledge there were no tests using B12 IM.

6. There are no established protocols for post Neuropathic B12 treatment.

Few survive post Neuropathic B12 deficiency and if they do, it is for less than four years. Therefore tests of BM IM must be held over a year at least, although initial results should be positive.

There is huge resistance in the medical professions to testing for parenteral B12 absorption, for reasons that I can only surmise or conjecture.  If you have a loved one who is beginning to show signs of forgetfulness, stiff gait, timeline confusion, etc., then INSIST on a PCA or IF test.  (Parietel cell antigen or Intrinsic Factor)

While Pernicious Anemia is auto immune, alcoholism, age-related malabsorption, or indifference to diet, or gastric surgery can all mirror Pernicious Anemia – and other anemias in fact.

‘Secondary’ PA sufferers will, in general, be more robust then authentic auto immune PA patients.It’s your life; it’s your loved one.  Be strong, be firm, and where age related B12 deficiency kicks up symptoms, don’t be patient!

Abortion and Fertility – snapshot

Deepest sympathy to Kelly and every other mother who has lost a child. For the sake of women in crisis pregnancy I offer the following:
I am not commenting on Kelly or any other celebrity mentioned here, but abortion rates are high in show biz – shooting scheduling, public scrutiny, short term relationships, etc. Abortion damages women’s fertility in many ways, scarring of fallopian tubes being one of the most common, hence they high rate of IVF, embryo transfer and.surrogacy in the R and F. (Rich and Famous) That’s just about conception. Forcing of the cervix can destroy the uterine “floor” making it difficult to retain and hold a baby to term.
Attitude and detach during later pregnancy is common, and, for the sake of both mother and child, needs urgent addressing and care procedures. Pregnancy and child rearing are challenging enough in the best of circumstances.
Fad diets, corsets, alcohol, prolonged standing, etc., in risk pregnancies, ie, where a mother has previously failed to carry a baby to term, should be taboo.

Three year old treated for alcoholism

The headline brought demands for alcohol to be treated as a class a drug.

The need for better peri-natal and post natal services was unaddressed.

Calpol is ok, then?  The otc (over the counter) medicine for mothers (not “mums”) who want to shut the child up but then claim “I must mistaken the dose” if baby looks groggy or doesn’t wake up for school.  “Mums” use Calpol to ease the discomfort of teething.

Homeopathy has much to offer that would preclude the use of Calpol.
Then there’s cough medicine, in the USA, childrens’ otc cough medicine contains 11% alcohol, but the school will report you as “giving alcohol to your children”  if you leave a Bach remedy for their use – the same school that “can’t find your number” when your child has a spontaneous nosebleed…  for the record, Bach flower remedies are preserved in alcohol, but a few drops only are dissolved in 8 oz of water, so there is no discernible alcohol content.
I’ve seen the otc bottles lined up, their contents emptied into tots,  the glazed expression in the eyes of little’uns of single benefit mothers as well as married mothers in stable homes.    Well to do mothers can hand off their children to a nanny, but abuses can still occur.  It’s a medical and social problem.  In the days of stay at home mums there was always a shoulder to cry on, a cup of tea into a cold hand, a reciprocity of care, whereby moms were spared the ritual of bundling baby into a bunnie suit, then into a car seat, then strapping him/her into the back of the car while the icy wind whipped the clothes off her back – all because she ran out of pampers or spilled some milk, etc., etc.  The same routine reversed at the store, then back in the car,  back home, more unstrapping of seat belts (shoot those designers, please!) back home and the phone rings and baby cries both at the same time.  I’m tired just writing about it – most of the mums are sleep deprived.

One mom with an infant and toddler at each hand  walked behind my car just as I was backing out near a petrol station.  There was a safe path three feet away, but she trudged along, oblivious, into the path of oncoming traffic, with such weariness and despair that I wanted to get out and hug her, but was persuaded that just might push her over the edge. I prayed for her instead and she made it to the shop, but the young woman was beat tired.
Some children need more care than others;  some mothers cope better than others;  sad to say, some mothers don’t give a hoot until their child is taken from them.  They’ll just keep pushing the envelope daring family and authorities to take action, and sometimes it seems as if authorities want damaged children to grow up into sociopaths,psychos and useful idiots.
We need to look at the stress and damage caused by abandoning fathers;  we need to pre-empt this abuse by providing care and support for post natal mothers, hopefully without encouraging the “nanny/communazi” state, and to start recognizing and ratifying a child’s right to contact with his/her grandparents.
The communazi led feminism tore down the reticule of support for mothers, pushing mums out to work, thereby doubling the labour force, keeping competition high and wages down.  Now work is no longer a “choice” – it’s an obligation, and a necessity.
Here’s a thought – raising children is the most important, difficult and challenging job in the world.  That’s why women do it best.  Sorry guys – you’re great at other things, and some of you are better parents than some women, but the overall picture points resoundingly to mums.

For mother and child alike, see a Homeopathist.  We’re on the National Health Service in the UK, but make sure that your Homeopathist is bona fide and adheres to Hahnemannian principles.

Confirmed responses to Homeopathic protocols.

Homeopathy Works!!!!

Hepatitis C Heroin addicts free of viral load

Hepatitis A patient free of viral load within 10 days – after three months orthodox treatment failed.

Coma Same day recovery

Cellulitis Where antibiotics failed, Homeopathy healed

Asthma Independence from inhalers and steroids/weaning

Allergies Negative or minimised symptoms

PTSD/Trauma Negative or minimised symptoms

Fractures Accelerated healing even in elderly w osteoporosis

Burns Accelerated healing

Chemical burns Accelerated healing

Pneumonia/Pleurisy Rapid recovery (inc Abx resistant patients)

Eschar Overnight healing

PMS Negative or minimised symptoms

Parkinsons Disease Rapid complete recovery in nonegenerian

Developmental Disabilities  Marked improvement in speech and cognitive skills

IBS/Crone’s Disease Asymptomatic.  No false negatives, etc.

Deirdre McNamara, Doctor of Homeopathy, is the first Homeopath to consult in a New York Hospital in almost a century.  She has worked with diverse communities including recovering addicts.

SWINE FLU – Alternative options

Storm in a tea-cup?
Swine flu appeared out of nowhere last Spring, and is now terrorising the world. It’s an odd concotion, comprising avian and porcine viruses – almost like a lab cocktail. The third component escapes my mind right now, but it is all very odd.
It couldn’t have chosen a more convenient vector: American students on spring break in Mexico brought it into the USA, from where it appears to have spread around the world.
Few Mexicans have contracted it. This is unusual. Normally, the indigenous population suffer severely before a flu or virus spreads abroad. Not here, despite the poverty and over-crowding of Mexico’s city and country.
The US Government’s response was initially lackadaisical as if seeing an opportunity to examine the course of an epidemic.
Now it has produced a vaccine – rushed through in a matter of months, derived from the swine flu vaccine of the Ford Administration that cost 25 lives and hundreds of victims to contract Guillaine Barre Syndrome. (GBS)
It’s highly unlikely that squalene had anything to do with GBS; it’s used extensively in cosmetics. It’s time the various far left Governments controlling the Western World stopped treating the public like idiots.
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. “ This classic axiom serves us well and comes down to basics: Rest, Hydration, Nutrition. Clean living basically. Nourishing foods; sufficient water – pure or in juices, vitamin supplements – Omega threes and Echinacea strengthen the immune system; clean lettuce serves as an “intestinal scrub” and organic yogurt balances the intestinal flora.
Rest is not always possible; for example, single mothers are the most sleep deprived people on the planet, and need support at the best of times and eat on the run. Vitamin supplements are vital for them…pun intended. Executives work long hours, travel frequently, but dine well and take care of themselves.
Unlike Hippocrates who described allopathy as “addition and subtraction,” Homeopathy is more subtle. We use a system of thoroughly investigated remedies derived from the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms to promote a healing reaction within the body. The prescriptions are carefully oriented to constitution, and physiological type.
However, to make life easier for those who do not have access to Homeopathy, Boiron developed a product called Oscillococcinum. This is derived from a duck virus, and has proven highly effective in the treatment of flu in a generalised population.Sequitur: The survival rate of Homeopathists’ patients in the 1918 flu epidemic is 94% – and Homeopathic Hospitals often took in patients dumped by other institutions. The survival rate of allopathy’s patients was 64% Is further comment necessary?


Swine flu has all the appearances of a lab cocktail, and its behavior is suspicious.  It targets the young while the elderly remain immune.   This is strange behavior for a flu virus but whatever its etiology, it is important to stay healthy and to build up immunity by the many means available to us.

Its vectors are strange as if it is being distributed systematically around the world.  Then again, with mass colonisations and travel in the uncharacteristic holiday season the patterns may be coincidental.

As is, the appearance of flu is seldom isolated.  First one, then three, then a cluster, spreading exponentially.

Swine flu appears in one location, disappears, then appears in another location, disappears, repeats in several other locations, then re-appears in the original location, as if re-introduced.

Strategies for good health include:

Exercise; nutrition, rest, personal hygiene, de-stressing.

The naturopaths may recommend echinacea. I have no objection to that, to stimulate and maintain the immune system, but recommend preparing for the worst by keeping a stock of Boiron’s Oscillococcinum and basic remedies to hand.  Oscillococcinum is derived from an avian virus. It’s use in preventing flu from developing or “ripening” is well established.

However, Classical Homeopathy is “patient particular.”  In other words, some remedies work better with certain constitutions than others, and the Homeopathist will observe symptoms closely and determine the most appropriate remedy and dosage.  Always in our protocols, “less is more.”

Find a good Classical Hahnemannian Homeopathist. In the flu epidemic of 1918, our fatality rate was 4%; orthodoxy’s was 64% – and we got the patients no one else wanted…

For children I recommend childrens’ Floradix, to build up the immune system – not as a cure – but check with your pediatrician or Homeopathist in case the child is allergic to any of its phyto-therapeutics. If your child has allergies, definitely consult a Homeopathist!

To your good health!