Traumatic Brain Injury – Homeopathy as First Responder

Could Homeopathy have saved Natasha Richardson?


A beautiful young actress died on a ski slope recently.  Her death was a shock.

She tumbled on the beginner’s slope and fell.

Being British and a consummate theatre professional, she got herself up, dusted the snow up and walked away.  Stiff upper lip and the “show goes on.”  The Irish are the last to seek treatment.  British come a close second.  There’s no reference to that in Merck’s chapter on cultural sensitivities.

We are all so “respectful” of “patients’ rights” that her refusal of medical assistance was accepted.

She was with her young sons.  I don’t know if there was another adult in the party who might have said…”hold on there, that looked a little rough, at least wait a bit…”

As the minutes ticked by Natasha Richardson allegedly became more disoriented and was eventually brought to hospital.

There are two situations where investigation should be mandatory, and that is: a blow to the head, or a fall in which the head is compromised and where the patient is under the influence or has an abreaction to substances legal or illegal.

In the case of Traumatic Brain Injury, the Homeopathic Arnica Montana should be given sublingua in potency.

It will not create a false negative, but will diminish the shock to the body and minimise the injury.

This does not interfere with orthodox treatment, and does not preclude further Homeopathic assistance as in a change of remedy where indicated and appropriate.

The tincture may be dabbed on the wrists, but on no account may it be used on an open wound.

There are methods of determining the presence of brain trauma en route to the ER, not instead of the ER or A&E as they say in England. 

One of the more obvious is the use of a soft, direct light to determine pupillary reflex, but there are a number of others that orthodox medicine seems not to understand.

Attempts to enlighten them are met with condescending resistance, followed by a published paper a few years up the road.  (“Endocrine soup – hormonal involvement in the establishment of addiction in pedophiles” is one example.  That was 1983.)

Now that I have said my piece on behalf of Homeopathy, here’s a thought for the Old School:

Grow up!

A patient presenting with symptoms of TBI seems to provide a “Christmas Day” scenario for the sadists in Medicine.

Then again, almost any vulnerable patient arriving unescorted is “party time” for medical professionals and hospital clerks who belong behind bars – and not as Corrections Officers either.

Then again, my experience and crucible of observation is New York City, the capital of multicult liberalism, where every culture is respected except that of the white European.

“We bad!” as Richard Pryor might say.

An obese EMT stood over a friend bleeding from the forehead, shouting:

“Were you unconscious or weren’t you unconscious.”

She had been  unconscious but too concussed to respond.  When she could write her name but not speak it, they couldn’t put that together with the left parietal wound and realize her linguistic centers were damaged.

Fatboy set her up as a “problem” patient so on arrival at the ER, the intern with the pinprick pupils (drug use) and his misogynist boyfriend nurse with the filthy “whites” started to mock her.

An Englishman came to her assistance and helped her home, but she received no investigation, XRay, MRI, CT Scan, just abuse and a deteriorating condition.

She eventually recovered following Homeopathic intervention and some physiotherapy from the International Center for the Disabled but suffered unecessarily.

I’d hate to think of Natasha Richardson in such a condition entering a New York area hospital emergency room as an “unknown.”

She would be met with waves of passive aggression and racial hatred.

As is, being a celebrity she probably had the best money could buy.

She didn’t have the additional chance of survival afforded by Homeopathy’s arsenal against injury and illness.

Military, please copy.  Mothers, make your elected representatives aware that you want a Homeopathic option for your children as alternative or complementary Emergency Treatment.

If any good derives from this tragic loss to stage, screen and family, it may be increased awareness of the care and treatment of head injuries.  TBI has been neglected for far too long, and TBI patients treated as substandard or a nuisance.

May the angels fly you to eternal joy and peace, Natasha, on the wings of the love you generated in your too brief sojourn here.


About ladybard

Playwright, composer, pro life. I was educated in the UK and Ireland before coming to the USA, where I have lived for most of my adult life. My plays and adaptations have been produced at St. Clement's Theatre, Theatre in Space, Symphony Space, The Cubiculo, etc. in NYC and my art songs performed at St. Peter's College, Newburgh Public Library, Goldwater Hospital AIDS Memorial Day, St. Elizabeth's Church, etc. I don't receive any grants.

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