Some facts:

1. Absorption of B12 diminishes with age.

2. Alcohol diminishes absorption of B12 and precipitates its elimination.

3. B12 deficiency is associated with short term memory loss, aka ‘Korsakov’s Syndrome,’ ascending paralysis/paresis and other neurological symptoms.

4. Tests on the efficacy of B12 to diminish or cure “Alzheimers” were conducted using oral supplements.

5. To the best of my knowledge there were no tests using B12 IM.

6. There are no established protocols for post Neuropathic B12 treatment.

Few survive post Neuropathic B12 deficiency and if they do, it is for less than four years. Therefore tests of BM IM must be held over a year at least, although initial results should be positive.

There is huge resistance in the medical professions to testing for parenteral B12 absorption, for reasons that I can only surmise or conjecture.  If you have a loved one who is beginning to show signs of forgetfulness, stiff gait, timeline confusion, etc., then INSIST on a PCA or IF test.  (Parietel cell antigen or Intrinsic Factor)

While Pernicious Anemia is auto immune, alcoholism, age-related malabsorption, or indifference to diet, or gastric surgery can all mirror Pernicious Anemia – and other anemias in fact.

‘Secondary’ PA sufferers will, in general, be more robust then authentic auto immune PA patients.It’s your life; it’s your loved one.  Be strong, be firm, and where age related B12 deficiency kicks up symptoms, don’t be patient!


About ladybard

Playwright, composer, pro life. I was educated in the UK and Ireland before coming to the USA, where I have lived for most of my adult life. My plays and adaptations have been produced at St. Clement's Theatre, Theatre in Space, Symphony Space, The Cubiculo, etc. in NYC and my art songs performed at St. Peter's College, Newburgh Public Library, Goldwater Hospital AIDS Memorial Day, St. Elizabeth's Church, etc. I don't receive any grants.

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