Dr. Deirdre McNamara

Date April 2008


Homeopathy is proven effective in many “incurable” conditions.

In 1972, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s extraordinary work opened the door to a new era in medicine.

Surgical asepsis, Immunology,  Hematology,  psychosomatics, nutrition, environmental awareness, genetics, hematology all have their origin in Hahnemann’s prophetic exegesis of the etiology and treatment of disease.

The Society of Homeopaths was the first organization of medical professionals in the United States of America.  It attracted the top graduates from the best medical schools in the nation.  American Homeopaths such as Constantine Hering and Harrison Coulter added invaluable research to the vast Homeopathic Repertory.

No allopathic medicine has been researched as thoroughly as Homeopathic remedies.  In recent years our knowledge has been plundered and misused.

Homeopathic remedies do not induce side effects or impose a chemical condition on the body.     They stimulate the immune system to heal itself.  In extreme conditions, such as malnutrition, exhaustion and poor sanitary conditions, they can sustain the patient until conditions improve, but only so far.  The human body does not exist in a vacuum.

Animals are never used in the testing of Homeopathic remedies.  

The average Homeopath lives and works to his/her eighties.  The average MD lives to 65, (Dr. Margaret Blackie, homeopath to Queen Elizabeth) but since adopting some of our praxes on diet, nutrition and avoiding unnecessary medication, that has probably improved.

Homeopathy’s success and superior survival statistics in our hospitals alarmed the Pharmaceutical industry which funded and formed the AMA to systematically suppress and close down the Homeopaths.  Homeopaths and Allopaths had enjoyed a friendly, collegial rivalry and collaboration for the benefit of patients until the Miller Act closed our Universities, Hospitals, and robbed our physicians of their medical licenses.  Late 20th century assertion of “Restraint of Trade” Laws benefited practitioners of alternative medicine, which generated a 40 billion dollar a year industry in vitamins and health supplements.

No longer able to suppress us, Pharmatech embarked on an elaborate PR scheme to confuse and scare the general public.  Acupuncture, Massage, and other adjunctive therapies were roped into the domain of allopathic medicine and the Homeopaths were left to stand alone against a barrage of well-funded campaign of disinformation.

One cordial young Canadian physician told me that he “had nothing against Homeopathy except the elaborate claims made by its practitioners.” 

I didn’t have the heart to tell the young man that his statement underscored the poverty of allopathic medicine which has resorted to torturing and destroying prenatal infants, embryos, etc., in order to find cures for conditions responding to Homeopathic therapies.

We do not make the “elaborate claims.”  They are made by our patients.  They are made by physicians and surgeons unaware that many of the “spontaneous remissions,” “fastest recovery,” “‘miraculous’ emergence from coma,” etc., have been generated by well considered, experienced Homeopaths.  

These remarks occur too consistently to be coincidence or random “Darwinistic” occurrences.

While I have been privileged to treat eminent allopaths and their families, I have also encountered bigots who would rather undergo surgery and its sequelae than prove our deeply researched, centuries-validated potentials are curative.

Caveat:  A patient enjoying immediate benefits shares that with a friend.  However,  the friend’s condition may be deeper and more enduring, requiring more time for full recovery to manifest.  Protocols differ according to chronicity of disease.  Homeopathy is precise, and patient friendly.

Some conditions responding to Homeopathic treatment:

Hepatitis C Heroin addicts free of viral load

Coma Same day recovery 

Cellulitis Where antibiotics failed, Homeopathy healed

Asthma Independence from inhalers and steroids/weaning

Allergies Negative or minimised symptoms

PTSD/Trauma Negative or minimised symptoms

Fractures Accelerated healing even in elderly w osteoporosis

Burns Accelerated healing

Chemical burns Accelerated healing

Pneumonia/Pleurisy Rapid recovery (inc Abx resistant patients)

Eschar Overnight healing 

PMS Negative or minimised symptoms

Parkinsons Disease Rapid complete recovery in nonegenerian

Developmental Disabilities  Marked improvement in speech and cognitive skills

IBS/Crone’s Disease Asymptomatic.  No false negatives, etc.

Deirdre McNamara, Doctor of Homeopathy, is the first Homeopath to consult in a New York Hospital in almost a century.  She has worked with diverse communities including recovering addicts.


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