First, the misspelling of homoeopathy is accidental.  I was about to add the second “o” when the site accepted the name.

I am a homeopathist because that brings health.  As a child I was misdiagnosed time and again, spending my life in a sickbed choking with bronchitis or pneumonia or suffering the intense pain of dry pleurisies.

At the age of 12 I knew I had a rare blood disorder but no one would listen.  Normally this condition leads to death if untreated, but a friend brought me to a Homeopath and it transformed my life.

I knew health for the first time in my life.  I could actually make an appointment for the following day/week/month with a normal expectation of being able to keep it!

I tossed the medical texts which were my passion during long bed-ridden spells and turned to the study of Homeopathic medicine.  Wow!!!!

It has never let me nor my patients down.  (Even patients presenting with advanced, inoperable cancer have improved their quality of life and extended their life spans)

But it still surprises me in the best possible way!  Wow!


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